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Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0

Product image 1Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 2Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 3Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 4Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 5Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 6Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 7Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 8Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 9Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 10Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 11Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 12Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 13Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 14Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 15Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 16Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 17Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 18Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 19Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0
Product image 20Magnetic ALLTRADE 2.0

Regular price £55.86

UPDATE DELIVERY: All orders placed now are subject to a 15 working day (3 weeks) lead time.

12mm Diameter neodymium disc magnets are set into and below the surface of the superior level blade. The disc magnets are nickel-plated to reduce corrosion and have excellent resistance to demagnetisation.

We can offer personalised engraving on the level blade for your order. This charge is for the whole order and costs £15 + vat if you order one level or order a whole set.

New low-profile solid I beam design
Easy-view centre vial
Composite vial covers
Machined pockets for ergonomic use with 45-degree reference points
Attractive durable powder coat finish
High-grade alloy extrusion


300mm = £55.86 +vat
600mm = £79.08 +vat
900mm = £91.80 +vat
1000mm = £94.13 +vat
1200mm = £109.18 +vat

We can offer personalised engraving on the level blade for your order. This charge is for the whole order and costs £15 + vat if you order one level or order a whole set.

The Superior Level ‘ALLTRADE 2.0’ range of I beam levels use our new low Profile Solid Aluminium extruded I-beam, Machined to engineering tolerances in our tool room in Somerset, Prepared then powder coated matt Black on the internal web and up the external side faces which is then oven cured to produce an extremely tough surface finish. This allows for use on freshly painted or sensitive surfaces without the level leaving any oxidisation (black) marks. The machined top and bottom faces allow for accurate reading of the level.

Machined ergonomic pockets with 45 degree reference points and internal profiles that have an attractive and durable powder coated finish. To complement the tough impervious powder coat finish are the ‘ALLTRADE 2.0’ vial covers machined from composite compact resin allowing a thinner vial cover to be manufactured which improves vial visibility, strength and durability.

The use of hi-grade powder coated Aluminium and composite compact resin allow the ‘ALLTRADE 2.0’ level to be used in the most demanding conditions and retain dimensional stability. The easy-view centre vial allows quick positive readings. The Improved ALLTRADE 2.0 is perfect for internal and external use. As the name suggests it suits all trades. The ‘ALLTRADE 2.0’ level is calibrated during manufacture to achieve .4mm per mt or greater. Superior levels are produced for craftsmen and women in all construction disciplines. Superior levels are product trade tested by volunteer craftsmen and women to assist us in our pursuit of excellence. Superior levels carry our lifetime guarantee and can be re-calibrated, see our conditions for details. 

Finished Level Weight
  • 300mm - 0.7kg
  • 560mm - 1.2kg
  • 600mm - 1.3kg
  • 900mm - 1.6kg
  • 1000mm - 1.7kg
  • 1200mm - 2kg


Our Magnetic Levels...



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We are currently working on a 15 day working day (3 week) delivery schedule

When your order is received, the levels are built and having undergone calibration, if ordered with personalisation then we will engrave your new levels and prepare them for dispatch. They are delivered in strong cardboard tubes which some customers have utilised to make storage their vans.

Delivery to standard UK postcode is £10+vat. (Single pocket level orders £5) If your order is over £100 then delivery is £12+vat. Certain Postcodes, Highlands and Islands may incur a cost due to additional cost of shipping. Please contact us if you are unsure if this will apply to you

Personalised Engraving

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POCKET LEVEL - Engraving: Personalised with your initials. MAX of 3 characters. Please add in the notes option if you have selected this option. example W.H.P  or  J.R  or LEE

OTHER LEVELS: 22 characters for a craftsman’s name or business name, please contact us if additional characters are required.

Please add this product to the basket and add your engraving to the notes section when checking out on the site. Add your engraving to the notes area when checking out on the website, exactly how you would like to to appear on the levels (lower/UPPERCASE etc). PLEASE NOTE once engraved, levels can not be returned


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