About Superior Level

Using selected sustainable seasoned hardwoods, aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel the superiorlevel is built to last. The superiorlevel is a craftsman’s tool and as such can be personalised by the addition of an engraved name into the blade of the level.

The superior level story starts in the 1960’s, My father was a plasterer and I would go to work with him on Saturdays and during school holidays. My dad’s tools were many and varied, he would look after all of them fastidiously , washing and oiling his trowels, floats and hawks, no plastic, aluminium or fibre glass, his tools were wood and steel, he had his name on them and nobody asked to borrow another man’s tools. His tools were for life.
I left school and became an apprentice toolmaker like my older brothers, I made many of the tools I use today during my apprenticeship.
I went on to work in trade shop toolrooms where you got paid a fixed amount for producing a one off piece of tooling, similar to price work in the construction industry.

I worked with my older brother Rex in the 1970’s in a trade shop, Rex was the fastest and most accurate toolmaker there and he would often finish his work then pick mine up and help.

Rex moved to Wales to be close to our Brother Max and set up a workshop there, Rex died in September 2014 of cancer, during his illness he told me our brother Max had cancer and been given six months.

Max did not tell me he was ill and refused to have treatment or even discuss it, he carried on as normal. It fell to Max and I to clear rex’s workshop, whilst doing this I came across something I had not seen for 50 years, Dad’s wooden spirit level.

Max died in February of 2015.

Back home in Somerset I slowly got over losing two people I had been close to and admired. There was dad’s level, my son’s Oliver and Will both work in construction so I set about making them a spirit level each like my dad’s but engineered like Rex would have done it.

My first levels were produced in 2015, Oliver took his on site and came back with orders for ten that evening.

I now had orders but the levels did not have an identity, I wanted to call them RexMax but I was in my workshop using a surface grinder I had inherited from Rex, there on the wheel guard was the name of the machine, ‘SUPERIOR’.

The Superior Level ethos is based around British quality products and design suitable for lifetime use by craftsmen.

Superior Levels proudly made in Somerset.

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